Lisa Manookian

Hampartsum Khedeshian

Hampartsum Khedeshian was my grandmother’s uncle. Is there any other information on him or anyone with the last name of Khedeshian.


Hello my name is tamar khedeshian,my grand father is Kaloust.
We live in Lebanon.very small family,the descendants of Kaloust,and kevor(his older brother).would love to hear from u.

Lisa Manookian

Tamar – there are two family trees I am researching. One is that of Mourad Khedeshian and there are two Kevork Khedeshians on the tree. Mourad was a Genocide Survivor. He had a son named Kevork who married someone named Maritza. They had four children: Sahag, Arousiag, Garbis and maryane. Arousiag had four children, Sahag, Mary, Suzy and Kevork. All of these individuals are likely deceased. Does any of this ring a bell? Would love to connect with you. There’s so much out there that is missing. Khedeshian is not a common Armenian name, so it’s likely we could be related.

Sophia Hadeshian

Hi I have relatives in Lebanon and my last name is similar! My grandfather is zorhab khudushian his cousins lived in Beirut zaven khedeshian and varajoun. I also have two aunties Mary and suzie, I think we’re related!

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