Assadourian family – Malatia 1913

Assadourian family – Malatia 1913

Assadourian family from Malatia in 1913.

Second rank from left to right: Chamiran Ansourlian (Sarkis Assadourian’s wife and Satenig’s mother), Mihran Assadourian (Asadoorian), Stepan Assadourian, Asdour Assadourian.

First rank: Satenig Assadourian, Sarkis Assadourian (Satenig’s father), Anna Koussamanoukian, little Kevork Assadourian (Satenig’s brother) sitting on the lap of Anna Koussamanoukian, Kirkor Assadourian and his wife Nartouhi Yacoubian.

Anna Kenseyan (Koussamanoukian?) was Kevork Assadourian’s wife, Mgrditch Kenseyan’s sister, and Hripsime Kenseyan‘s paternal aunt.

Maghakian family Private Coll.


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