Azad Balian

Antoine Ballian from Smyrna

I’m also from Balian Family and like to know more about the past of my family. Thanks and hope have answer

Dalibor Ballian

Family is originally from small town near Ankara. They were merchants and were very rich. After they moved to Smyrna. Antoine was born 1839 in that small town near Ankara, and we don’t know the name of that small town. In Smyrna family had ships for trading and two mansions. Antoine graduated farmacology in Paris and after graduaton he came as Turkish officer in Bosnia. Here he got married and then returned to Smyrna and after birth of his children he came back to Bosnia where he lived till the end of his days. So the families Ballian that live in Bosnia and Croatia are direct descendants of him. Best regards,
Dalibor Ballian


your comments were very interesting.
my grandfather was from Smyrna and his name was Dikran Hagop Balian. He married a girl named Hripsime and they had 1 son born in 1921 in Smyrna. Dikran Hagop Balian was killed in the genocide and Hripsime escaped to Cairo, Egypt soon after the birth. I wonder if there’s a connection with the Balians you are referring to who are also from Smyrna?

Dalibor Ballian

It seems that the last name connects us. It is very difficult to reconstruct the family tree now. By the way, in Smyrna, in the settlement of Bornova, there is a residential villa that is connected to my family. By the way, my family moved to Bosnia long before the genocide, and lost contact.

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