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Vahe Achikian

Nazareth Aga Surenoglu { Surenian Ishkhan Nazareth } was the Ishkhan or Kojabashi of the Merkez Mahallesi [ Central Bazar District ] of Zeytun, also referred to as the Surenian Quarter or Merkez Tagh from 1871 to 1904. His princely clan lived in the historic Surenyan Qale fortress-mansion built in 1815 high atop a craggy hillock overlooking Zeytun. In 1904, the Yakoubian Prince’s clan killed most of the Surenian family members including Nazareth Surenian because they claimed Nazareth Agha, being on Osmanli Turkish authorities payroll as Zeytun’s “Muhtar” [head of village], was cooperating with the Turks as an informant.

Garo konyalian

I am also searching for the geneology of Prince Surenyan, sons, daughters, brothers, sisters….
I know that prince Garabed was his successor as owner of the fortress; Dont know how are the two related…
Also if anyone has any information about that please email me, or if you know of Vartivar and Anazon (Surenyan ?) Arekhyan.

Vahé Achikian

This photo of Nazaréth Agha Sourénian is from 1865, Istanbul. Nazaréth Agha Sourénian was born in Zeytoun in 1804, died in 1875. He was the baby in the Sourénian Qalé that survived the massacre of the other Sourénian family members by the Yaqoubian Khoy Hacob Ishkhan’s clan in 1804; his uncle Martyros Sourénian preceded him as Ishkhan of the Sourénian or Orta Mahallé taghamas of Zeytoun from 1804 to 1844. Nazaréth Agha Sourénian was involved with his fighters in the 1st Zeytoun Uprising of 1862 along with Hazor Agha Shorvoghlian and Yénidünya Astvadzadour Pasha and Movses Kahana Khatchougentz. He had one son, Qarabéth Agha Sourénian, who was one of the leaders of the 2nd Zeytoun Grand Uprising of 1895-1896 and was the Ihtiyor of the Sourénian Quarter of Zeytoun from 1877-1904. Babik Agha Vasilossian of the Sourénian clan was his successor, 1904-1915. The only surviving descendants of the Sourénian Ishkhan clan are the descendants of Akbash Sourénian who was one of the survivors of the 1804 massacre of the Sourénian family members in their fortress-mansion, and today they are members of the Akbachian or Aghbashian family.