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Vahe Achikian

The above photo is of the Great Defender of Dalvorik valley Armenians around Mush, Serop Aghpouïre Pasha: he was the son of a noble well-to-do family, but because of his patriotic & idealistic conviction, he chose to take up arms to defend Mush Armenians from the wild Hamidiye Kurds and Turks who roamed the mountains of Nemrut and Sassoun with his squad of fierce Armenian Fedayees of Darone-Turuperan and he was a vetted member of the Hay Heghapokhakan Dashnaktsutyoun ( Armenian Revolutionary Party ) from 1893 and forward. His wife was equally brave, her name Sosse Mayrik. He was martyred in a fierce battle with the Hamidiye chete Kurds in 1904, but his death was avenged by Gevork Chavush in 1905.