Evereg-Fenese LA board members – 1950s

Evereg-Fenese LA board members – 1950s

Evereg-Fenese LA board members – 1950s.

My dad (top-left) Sinanian. Does anybody recognize anyone else in the photo? If you would like to know more I can tell you who most of them are.

The Evereg Fenese Farmers Union was originally founded in 1861 in Constantinople by Garabed Panossian and Kevork Kelejian. Its goal was to help Armenians in their region.

Susan Sinanian Garabedian Private Collection.

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susan Sinanian garabedian

These men were the founders of the LA chapter in the 50’s I think there were a few more but not pictured.

Diane Zakian Rumbaugh

Rouben Zambakjian is on the far right, top row. He’s my grandfather.


Hello Diana how are you


taaaaa o zaman bile kuuuuuucucuk bir ciyty olan everek fenesede bilie beylerin kiyafetleri bile vne kadar guzel bravo vallahi